oh yeah btw i finished better call saul. favourite show. this is my favorite tv show without a doubt. i love better call saul. better call saul!!!


Radio Head by Talking Heads goes so hard. nah, it doesn't go "hard". it goes fun. like i'm not gonna say that it's intense or something. but it sure as hell is JAUNTY. that is a JAUNTY song.


redesign to the site is finally gettin done. when i get done im gonna like it. i really hope i like it.


It's been a hell of a week... in good news, I finished making the new index (mostly)! all that's left are the art and math index revivals


Wow god it's been a WHILE since i blogged here huh? well yk. things are going, ig.
i started playing Disco Elysium and i'm connecting with it a lot. really interesting stuff in that game i say.
i'm about to finish better call saul. i'm scarily close. im scared. I'm gonna watch Plan and Execution next and man. this is something huh
school is hard. it's really hard. but i'm keeping up. mostly. at the sacrifice of my health and relationships and other endeavors and generally the rest of my life


i didn't start journaling. school is still making me feel crummy. and i didn't start urinetown or seinfeltarune.


im gonna start journaling


man school is great at making me feel crummy and not wanna do anything


happy new year to all even the losers and haters. especially the losers and haters. as a new years give i am officially startng urinetown this or next week. and seinfeltarune is starting again


if you have a crush on me 2022 lmk 2022


i see myself in a lot of ficitonal characters. idk what that means about me.


if kms didn't already have a meaning it could mean Christmas


im feeling kinda down. this break is gonna be hard. floating aimlessly and such. maybe it's a crash from that Mean Bean Java Monster.


ap bio got me like *random gif from tenor*


css more like pee piss piss


Made a lot of progress on the mp3 player in the playlist project today are you proud of me


Gonna finish breaking bad by the end of the year im about to start S5E4 it's really good so far.

11.29.22 1:40

Bart Huges > be a librarian with a good knowledge in medicine > name daughter Maria Juana > get refused of a degree > claim that drilling a hole in your skull can make you constantly high > drill a hole in your skull > make cartoons about drilling a hole in your skull with your girlfriend > die of a heart attack at 70


god i wish i was aware of hyperdictionary when it was around. i mean this was the exact kind of thing i would love so so much. i really really hope it's still active on a different domain or something. i wanna find out what happened to it, although i know it probably just shut down because it wasn't making any money. lemme test some embed i found on it with Wayback Machine.

ok it didn't work. this sucks so much rip fruitycuties rip sweet tomatoes rip hyperdicitonary i miss you all so much


man im not too happy with the state of a lot of things on this site. There's cool writing but. Idk. I should learn C++, or make a sprite comic.


I talk about Fear of Music.


you know a really weird emotion? when you're in a bad mental state but you know that its primary (if not sole) cause is very temporary. But you can't think about the future that comes after the cause is over. So you're kinda just sitting there waiting for circumstances more fertile for hope.
anyways life's been pretty stressful recently. Not a big fan if I'm being frank. and I am.

10.6.22 8:45

sorry, it's been a while between posts haha. anyways. im gonna be adding some new content to this site soon. stuff to fill up my free time. (also, the experiment didn't do much. if you cared)

9.22.22 1:07

cold sore never came, cool. fall break is next week and i'm declaring a few things. major one is: no looking stuff up all week. no google search, no nothing. i can't search for an information or a website on google search. im hoping this experiment is beneficial.

9.21.22 3:30

oh no. i see a very concerning cold sore in my near future.

9.21.22 2:52

it's pretty interesting how spending most of my life out of the real world has effected me. like, i've always been online a lot of the time, and then when i'm not online, i'm in my own head. always very disconnected from where i am, irl.
for one, it took me way longer to grasp the idea that I can't just cheat my way around every system in my life.
virtual school ABSOLUTELY caused this one too omg. like. for more than a year of my life, i could cheat on every assignment, pirate every game, pass through every firewall, everything. what really helped to bring me into reality was when i started getting and spending my own money. bc suddenly, if i wanted anything that costed more than i could pay, i couldn't just. take it. like, if i was walking around and i saw a book i wanted, i would think about how i could get it without paying way before i'd actually think of just. participating in the system. so now my first thought always turns to crimes n stuff bc idt i cant (or actually, i probably can now. i can't really tell) actually comprehend the fact that. commiting crimes might be a bad idea that could bring negative consequences.
anyways that's proabbly why it always annoys me when ppl are like "the new age has made kids think they can get anything just like that! they're disconnected from reality!" bc it's like yeah!!!! i am!!!! and it sucks!!!!!

9.21.22 9:20

man is it weird to look back at what i used to believe. i dont mean religion, it's more like woah i seriously used to believe that? and i don't really believe most things 100% but there are somethings with weirdly high percentages like apparently a little over a year ago i was an islamist (not like i was actually taking action i was just believing it)? i actually believed in ghosts just this summer? i thought that coca-cola co. put a chip in my brain that made me think i'd kill myself without coke?
i don't believe these things as much anymore ofc

9.20.22 10:20

flies are wild. imagine if you could fly and you flew into the sun and started eating it when a ginormous hand (you're about half the size of it's fingernail) comes and hits you with its finger. and then you get knocked off the sun and then you just FLY BACK and CONTINUE!!!! like wow

9.20.22 8:30

WOW two blog posts with a gap of only like 1.5 hours? wow! anyways. what i wanted to say is:
I think i'm gonna start saying that "I became disheartened" instead of "I suddenly lost all motivation" bc honestly it feels like it's not just motivation. it's not like i wanted to do it for reasons and then suddenly I did not. it's more like i was doing it, and then suddenly everything seems a lot greyer, metaphorically. and disheartened expresses that way better, at least for me


I think the [annoying/difficult] part about making this website is that i'm getting like 0-feedback on anything. like i can't get any motivation to update the blog if i feel like noone reads it, you know what i mean? i really wish would start working, i wish i could get that goddam ID ugggghh. I'm gonna email this guy i'm talking to about it (you know who it is but i'm maintaining their privacy just in case) again and if that doesn't go anywhere i'm upgrading to Supporter and using php
can't believe i'm about to spend money so i can code in php. normally I spend money so i don't have to code in php.

9.7.22 noon

that feel when your'e bored and want to update the blog but you don't have anything to say!that feel when. that!feeling.

9.7.22 just before noon

school is getting pretttttty annoying. and the key requests STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN RESPONSES!!!! dangit i reaaaaalllly wanna get this question page up and going i reallllly do. ughughugh.


what made smash mouth think it was a good idea to go from awesome ska punk in Fush Yu Mang (1997) to. to POP COUNTRY ROCK (Magic [2012])????? Like Fush Yu Mang is SUCH A GOOD ALBUMMM!!! im gonna go more into detail on my talking-about-art page on my art index soon but. it's soooooo good. and magic, sucks. it sucks so bad. the only really good thing is that there's a song called Justin Bieber that can be sorta funny if you look at it in a funny way (and it has a funny genius annotation) and that there's a song where he says 'resuscitate' so i can make him say 'sus'. those are pretty much the ONLY good things abt this album it sucks that much. it is so bewildering to think that they can go from "AWESOME ALBUM LITERALLY MY FAVORITE ALBUM I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH IT'S MY FAVORITE" to "ugh..." it PISSES ME OFF!!!!
that was fun, goodbye!


happy birthday to me, yes it is.


yayay i love this! the splash is my fav thing on the website i was really smart with this project. it was a great move! i had no idea how i was gonna do it going in but i figured it out along the way. yeah!


grrrr i hate this! the splash was my fav thing on the website i was TOO ambitious with this project. TOO ambitious, i say. i had no idea how i was gonna do it going in and now im stuck in a rut. grrrr!


isnt it a strange feeling when you come up with something after a lot of thinking by yourself and then you wonder if the idea(s) that you had existed already before (wonder in the sense that you think they probably do) and you look it up and it turns out there's actually not only a name for the ideas you had, but its a full blown theory! its a sorta big thing!
anyways it turns out i came up with Bundle theory (Bundle theory of substance technically but eh) all on my own bc i was bored and alone and i was thinking about objects, actions, and properties and BOOM i had the thought it was so cool. i feel so interconnected with the other people from years ago that had this idea. (btw i really wanna make an explanation of that whole object action property thing maybe a series of videos maybe just a section of the site. IK IM NOT THE FIRST ONE WITH TIHS IDEA BUT! i just wanna explain my use of it in my life)


you guys are lucky! only a 70-day gap between blog updates insteada 77! anyways im going ultra on the website now it's gonna be SO awesome thx for reading bye.
btw u guys can use this post to navigqte while im making the indexes


im a big fan of trochees. like yeas!


ok old blog got the delete bc i realizd thats not how blogz work. anyways here i will post my occasional hee hoo