Action Movie Hero Boy Dinosaurchestra Lemon Demon

LEMON DEMON!!! LEMON DEMON!!! YEAH! anyways. This song actually rocks. Jury's still out on whether it's one of my favorites but at the very least it's really high in the group just under the Favorites. It's a cute ("cute") little song. For one, the bridge fits into the song really well, everything, really, coheres really well. I honestly have to say that this song is a great example of Lemon Demon to me if i wanted to give someone one. It's not significantly better or worse than other where it would give them an incorrect impression of him.

Song highlight: The matching trochee pattern in "Action Move Hero Boy" and "Action Movie Blooper Reels" (god i love trochees).

Final Verdict: 92 / 100 Explosions not looked at.