2012 SELF-iSH Will Wood

one of the first Will Wood songs i heard that wasnt from The Normal Album (maybe the first). I kept it in my playlist for a while without even thinking to check out the album, weirdly. Anyways, the song is incredible. He's not even just a good songwriter and pianist, he also can articulate the words so amazingly it blows my mind (ironically). And then it becomes even more mindblowing when you think about it along with the rest of SELF-iSH. Also didnt some philosopher make a claim about what someone remembers being core of who they are? The thing about how a convict cannot be blamed for a crime they don't remember. i looked it up, it was Locke. Yeah it ties into the rest of the album more than people think. also just, boing. it's bouncy i love it. not my favorite SELF-iSH song, but definitely a high-tier WW song all-in-all.

Song highlight: It was the Dallas Mavericks!

Final Verdict: This song makes me glad the world did not go to hell. 1912/2012 stars.
(that's a really good rating do the math).