Airline Food Tastes Like Chalk

Chapter 1

Jerry stepped out of the airport. He's always loved that feeling, that wave of refreshment. He sure needed it after that meal: it was so dry and chalky he could barely swallow. For once, he felt jealous of George's cheapness, as riding along with Kramer felt somehow preferrable to his flight. Speaking of Kramer, he should be there in a few minutes to pick him up and meet Elaine in Hometown. Jerry didn't have high hopes in his punctuality, however. He took a seat on the closest bench and let his mind roam free. The ride to Hometown was surprisingly peaceful. George yammered for the first few minutes, but he was out cold soon. They arrived in front of what seemed to be the town's school: where Jerry would be performing. He wasn't too excited to be performing for children again, but he takes what he can get. Elaine was there waiting for them, ready to enter to watch Jerry's bits (mostly for fuel for making fun of him, at least on her end). As the four made their way into the classroom, an overwhelming feeling of importance filled Jerry. Like this trip to some small town may end up being incredibly relevant, and even change their lives forever. But probably not. Jerry and the rest made their way to the closet, where he instructed the teacher to put some notes he sent through the mail. Jerry walked into the closet, and immediately felt his bodily defense mechanisms kick in. He called for some assistance, to feel a little safer. Due to lack of commuinication, they all entered the closet behind him. The doors shut on command. George yelped, prompting chuckles from most everyone else. They walked casually on, until Kramer pointed out what they could see of the floor beginning to shake. The floor fell through, with the gang immediately following.