Chapter Intro

Not much was going on, as usual. Jerry sat up and yawned. He hadn't had a gig in a week or two, and life was really starting to slow down. George and Elaine are always at work, and Kramer's off on his own. There was something coming up soon, though. He had a gig in this small town called Hometown. The funny thing about this one's that George and the rest also have to go to Hometown on that day. George is supposed to meet this kid and explain that he can't get a tour of Yankee Stadium, no matter how many letters he sends. J. Peterman sent Elaine on a "mission", whatever that's supposed to mean. And Kramer's coming along because he heard the town was full of monsters. Jerry himself wasn't too keen on the idea, as his jokes were pretty heavily human-focused. He's had worse of course, and it's definitely better than just sitting around, with nothing to do but count down the days. Some days pass. Jerry's on the plane to Hometown. He'll be meeting his friends there, in... SEINFELTARUNE